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People, I did not mean to hurt anyone's feeling or insult anyone. The way I was raised was a little sarcasm was good for the soul. People are taking this wayyyy to serious and I was trying to lighten things up. But if you go back through the web postings, the posts on the forum, no where did it say when we would send the notice just that everyone would would receive their number:

" The Random Number Generator will provide a list of names in sequential order through the random picking process. Customers will be contacted in the sequence provided by the Random Number Generator. The customer’s sequence number will be sent to the individual via email once such sequence number is established"

As of 1600 today, the 2237 packets have been tagged with their RNG number, we have 2 people working 9-10 hours a day tagging packets. ( I think they are doing pretty good as the printer had a family emergency and was not able to get the numbers to us until mid-day on Tuesday, they were ordered a month ago.) If we hired more people then the cost of the pistols would also have to go up to cover the cost. I have said and will keep saying that this is all new to the CMP staff and the requirements that have been placed on us is out of this world. BUT we are getting through/meeting all that have been thrown in front of us. Each day we are finding better/faster ways to improve the system. CMP also did not make up "these silly procedures" we are following the guidelines setforth by Congress/Army/ATF, in fact we were able to talk them out of some of the things they wanted.

Everyone is throwing out the 8000 number, yes that is how many we received but is not how many will be available for sale and this includes, customer sales & auction sales. From what I have seen so far my guess will be about 6500 this go around. We have been through +/- 600 so far and +/- 76 are only good for parts. We still have 7400 to work.

It is hard not to throw a little sarcasm in the mix when you get emails asking that they be contacted over the weekends as they are not allowed to receive phone calls/emails while they are at work during the week, or I will be out of the country from 10/4/18 until sometime in the spring and I need CMP to hold my service grade pistol until I return. Really??????

Again as I said I was not trying to insult anyone. I have been trying to keep people updated with what is going on as best as I can but I will let y'all have fun and will not post things as it is not worth the trouble.

Please be on point with your posts and polite. Have PATIENCE you will be contacted.

GOOD LUCK AND HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, I know I did with my North American Arms & wife's Singer.

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