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RNG 5271 - Service Grade
Remington Rand Frame and Slide (gray parkerizing)
Production 1944
Color (lead/gray) is more accurately represented in pictures with yellow background.
Pistol looks somewhat "earthy" in pics with blue background....

Right side
RIA - Rock Island Arsenal
ANAD 5 76 - Anniston Army Depot (Anniston, Alabama) May 1976
Ordinance Department Final Inspection Mark (Crossed Cannons)
F and what looks to be an 0 (trigger guard) Inspector/Armorer marks?

Left side
FJA - Col. Frank J Atwood Remington Rand frames
P (mag release) - Proof Mark
7 (trigger guard)?

Marks on Slide
P - Proof mark (forward of rear sight)
G - Government Contract mark (Behind firing pin stop)
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