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Default SERVICE Grade Ithaca with Colt Slide

CMP Order # 6900. Received at FFL on 07/12/2019. SERVICE GRADE.

Ithaca M1911A1 shipped 11/17/44 to the Naval Supply Dept, Oakland, CA.
Rebuilt by the USMC during January 1981 at Albany, GA logistics center. Stamped with rebuild code "A 181". Refinished in a gray/green Parkerizing.

Colt slide is from a WW2 pistol with serial # after 1,208,673. No serial # on rear of slide under firing pin stop. Typical Type 9 Colt logo. I would like to trade this slide for an Ithaca slide of equal quality and color. Send me a PM if interested.

New circa 1980 S & W chrome-lined replacement barrel. Looks like nothing has gone through it except the test-firing shots. I fired 14 rounds of G.I. hardball offhand @ 15 yds. Good accuracy hitting at point-of-aim. (See target picture below.)

The magazine that came with the pistol from CMP is a well-worn G.I. mag. with no markings.

As-received, the pistol was lubricated. I field stripped, wiped clean including bore, and re-lubed before firing. Overall, finish has a few handling or storage marks, but is excellent at 97%+. Metal is smooth with no evidence of prior corrosion.

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