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Default Still working.

I am still working on it. Here is a brief overview of where I am at right now.

By the way, I know some of you have thrown the bull shite flag on this project (and some of you have thrown it multiple times, quoting how long I have been working on this), so here is where I am at now.

I have over 200 pages of production history, sorted into a month-by-month commentary, from January 1946 until March 1960, when the IHC Mobilization Requirements were cancelled.

I have a selected bibliography of 10 pages; there are 123 separate entries in it. So, plenty of hard data from the IHC files themselves.

All of the IHC data sheets have been completed. They are in a data sheet format that I designed specifically for postwar rifles; right now, I have data sheets on 300 original rifles.

The serial number/barrel/heat lot/stock channel number/cartouche table is finally done. I have over 2000 individual rifles which are listed in that table.

The serial number/barrel date table is ready. It has over 6,000 serial numbers and with their original barrels.

The monthly production table - with the serial number ranges assembled in that month - has been finished. While not perfect, it will give you a pretty good idea of when your rifle was assembled. (IHC did not build in consecutive order, and the repair crib rifles muddy up the water somewhat, too.)

The color insert section of 64 original IHC receiver heels (covering most all serial number ranges of 10,000 rifles) has been photographed. (It has at least one rifle from the 4.40M range, one from the 4.44M range, one from the 4.45M range, and so on, all the way up to the 5.21M range.)

The big holdup has been key ID features of the individual parts of the rifle.

I see posts over and over on this site where you guys want to know how to identify the individual parts.

I try to help you out here when I can contribute some knowledge on the subject, but are some parts are out there that simply have no unique ID features.

I am still examining both IHC, HRA, and SA original rifles parts to find the unique ID features for each part.

While I have made great progress, there are still some intelligence gaps in the parts section, and I hate to put out an incomplete project.

So, this is not an easy project. To get this book printed this spring, I probably will have to split the parts ID off into a separate book, as I have over 800 pages of text and photos now.

And, I am still working on the photos - my top priority every day is to take photos - and then get this project to print.

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