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Originally Posted by MRM1969 View Post
Packet Sent: 12JAN2021
RGN Assigned: 23898 on 6APR2021
Date Contacted: 5AUG2021 by email, no phone call
Grades Offered: Field and Rack, chose Field
Shipped: TBD (Monique said it would be today)
Received: TBD (Monique said it would be there tomorrow)
Manufacture Received: TBD
Model received: TBD
Email gave instructions about sending up-to-date FFL. I had a pdf copy with my name and contact information which I emailed right before I called. When I called, Monique had just finished printing my FFL for processing. She was extremely polite and the whole process was complete in less than 3 minutes! Will update with more info once pistol is received .
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