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Originally Posted by Steve-OH View Post
My thoughts mirror yours exactly. If I'm buying something here on the forum I have no issues sending a check, Zelle, etc. From a business on GB or wherever, in a case where I can pay via credit card and have the protection it affords , no problem... If I'm buying an item from someone I don't know, It looks like Guntab would be my best bet to do so safely.

I shipped my item to my buyer this morning. Came home and added tracking to the transaction on Guntab. They in turn notify the buyer (I'll send him a pm as well). When the buyer receives the item, they will check it off on Guntab as delivered satisfactorily, then Guntab will release funds to me.
All in all it's been a fairly painless process on my part as a seller. Maybe ElmosBoy will chime in to add his view as buyer.
It has been easy & informative. Guntab has informed me of each step via email.I suppose from a seller's perspective, you could save some time by letting them handle the communication. All in all it's been much easier than trudging to the Post office, buying a money order, & mailing it into oblivion....And Paypal got ZERO activity from either of us. It would be even easier if I signed up for an account, but would have to be more popular to make it worthwhile...
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