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USGI M14 wood stock manufacturer identification
Post by different on Jul 3, 2010, 11:55am

USGI M14 fiberglass stocks were made by General Tire & Rubber Co. Here are some tips to identifying who made your USGI wood M14 stock. The information posted is incomplete. If you can supply me photo(s) of your stock with a manufacturer marking that adds to the list, please send it to me at

Manufacturer Identification

The manufacturer identification, if present, is located on the butt end under the butt plate.

H - Harrington & Richardson Arms Co.
O - S . E. Overton & Co. (made stocks for TRW)
SA or S.A. - Springfield Armory (Springfield, MA)
S under a half-diamond - Sykes Manufacturing (subcontractor to Springfield Armory)
W-W - Winchester-Western

Wood Type

M14 rifles were assembled with wood stocks from the first half of 1961 until July 1963. All four government entities used wood stocks during this two year period for factory assembly of complete rifles.

Black Walnut - Harrington & Richardson Arms Co., S. E. Overton & Co., Springfield Armory, Sykes Manufacturing, and Winchester-Western

Yellow Birch - Harrington & Richarson Arms Co., S. E. Overton & Co., Sykes Manufacturing & Winchester-Western

Some walnut and birch stocks were stamped on the butt with numerals, e.g., 1 or 3. Springfield Armory and Harrington & Richardson Arms did so. Sykes Manufacturing stocks were made as replacement parts, both standard rack grade and National Match stocks. Some Sykes M14 NM stocks have the part number 7791174 stamped into the wood under the butt plate. Sykes Manufacturing and Winchester-Western "big red" birch stocks were often stamped with the part number 11010263 under the butt plate.

Stock Ferrules

Stock ferrules were staked to the front end of the wood stock using either a pin punch (ice pick / dimple appearance) or a half-moon crimp (gorilla thumbnail appearance). The pin punch method of staking was used throughout government production of the M14 and M14 NM rifles. I have a Springfield Armory M14 NM walnut stock with a pin punch staked ferrule. IMO, it's not accurate to say the pin punch ferrules were only used early in the M14 project. The half-moon crimped stock ferrules do seem to be more common.

Pin punch staked ferrules - Harrington & Richardson Arms Co., S. E. Overton Co., Springfield Armory, Sykes Manufacturing, and Winchester-Western

Half-moon crimped ferrules - Springfield Armory, Sykes Manufacturing, Winchester-Western

Proof P and DAS Markings

Proof P markings on M14 stocks have been observed in two styles, serif font and Arial style.

DOD cartouche on side of the buttstock or on the trigger guard recess - Winchester-Western

DOD cartouche and proof P markings both visible on the stock - indicates a stock used to assemble a M14 rifle at the factory: Harrington & Richardson Arms Co., Springfield Armory, TRW and Winchester-Western (Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.) M14 NM rifles built by Springfield Armory and TRW were also given both markings on the stock.

Most replacement stocks lack the proof P and DOD cartouches. If Springfield Armory shipped a replacement stock (made by Sykes Manufacturing), it left with a DOD cartouche.
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