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Default Update

Update on this thread.

I shot 2 x 40 round "matches" yesterday with Federal XM193, and 2 with IMI 77 grain razor core. Matches were at 100 yards on SR1 targets. Keep in mind I am not holding myself up as a great shooter. :-) better marksmen may well see more dramatic differences than I did.

I was having a little bit of an off day with the XM193 scores being at the lower end of my usual scores. I'm usually in the mid to upper 350's. My IMI average ended up being about 10 points better than my XM193 average.

The most noticeable difference wasn't the raw scores, but rather the size of the main grouping in each match. If I look at the grouping of the closest 30 out of 40 shots, the XM193 was about a 6 inch spread. The IMI was about a 4 inch spread.

342 8x
351 3x
346.5 avg

IMI Razor core
349 2x
364 7x (after adjusting windage 1 minute)
356 avg

One thing that my have made a difference is that I had 1 uncalled missing shot on both the 349 and 364 targets. due to limitations of being on a busy range, I shoot all 40 rounds onto the same target without scoring it in between stages. With the IMI grouping more tightly, I think it is likely that I missed some shots that were in the same holes. In the 364, all the shots I identified were 7 ring or better, so it is unlikely that I had an uncalled clean miss of the paper. In the 349, I had one called miss (but still on paper) in the standing stage, but all my other identified shots were 7 ring or better.

I think I'll change my procedure and start using 2 different targets for the match. Having 1/2 the number of holes should make less likely to not be able to identify double holes.
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