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Default Simple Hackberry Stock Refinish

I sold a Hackberry stock recently and had a lot of people ask how I did the refinish. It's simple.

Sand off the existing finish, DON"T go too deep (see photos) let the grain still retain some of the original spray finish. End with a nice high grit sandpaper.

Chestnut Ridge stain. It's the best I know of and alcohol based. Give it a lot of coats until you are happy. They come in 2 bottle sizes, 1 month supply, and 10 year supply.

Raw Linseed Oil (I am sure you can use BLO too).

Wax. Garand Gear makes a good way, you can use beeswax for wood too.

That's it! Obviously if you have a stock with any real value this is not your best course of action. I refinish those as well, but it's an entirely different process, and it never involves sanding. This is quick, and makes a nice looking stock from a "giveaway" stock.
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