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That came out very nice. Mine was similar, although I was going for more of a "Golden Oak" look using an alcohol based maple stain followed by a TruOil finish. I just stripped with citrus strip, little to no sanding needed. There's no accounting for taste, but I think the Hackberry stocks - as evidenced by the OP's as just one - can look really good, albeit non-traditional.

I don't know of anybody who thinks the spray on stain/paint/whatever as they come from the CMP is a "good thing (tm)". Hackberry isn't Walnut, and no amount of weird finishing is going to make it look like Walnut. Embrace it for a beautiful wood in its own right, and results such as the OP's are achieved! Frankly, Walnut isn't the prettiest wood out there in the 1st place!
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