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Originally Posted by Tired Retired View Post
Guys, I usually don't comment on some of these topics but...

We on this board think of military surplus rifles in terms of M-1 Garands and Carbines... I actually think that the cited "comments" are aimed at primarily at SKS's and AK's... Think about it for a second. Alot of us are willing to pay over $1,000 for a half-way collectable carbine with specific manufacture marked parts. Not many people are willing to pay close to that for any SKS - at least not before two weeks ago....

Just my two cents...
You are flat out wrong.

AK's are NFA firearms and cannot be imported under current law. No change required.

The ATF has urged the U.S. State Department to block importations of USGI carbines on the basis that they have great criminal appeal and can easily be converted to select fire.

Your interest in collecting carbines is being marginalized for political purposes. Doesn't that bother you?

Congress specifically denied the ATF discretion to remove items from the C&R list to prevent this kind of politically motivated meddling.

Am I really hearing that you don't care if this changes as long as the CMP bails you out or it is only applied to SKS rifles and your precious carbines are left alone? I hope not.

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