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Originally Posted by Capt.Tom View Post
He got the idea because it said it in writing on the CMP 1911 page.
And in more than one place there are plenty of other places it says it too, I have just been waiting for a couple years to buy another after all previous orders were filled, then it was supposed to be back open to us all again. Its ok I got my family member taken care of my Vet is fine,. I gave mine up which is the right thing to do in this situation .And I can live with it he is happy he served our country thru two wars and thats the least I can do to make him happy. I good. Ill just call it a learning experience. Maybe one day they really will open up the purchases again to people who have bought one and I will have a shot at getting a replacement. I'm really going to miss it though truthfully. Its ok though. What's important is he got his .45.Thats what matters at this point.I can buy one thats not a cmp online on Gunbroker or someplace