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Originally Posted by Ma Deuce View Post
Dont worry, They said they would not open round two up until all the orders from round 1 were filled so,You will be getting yours and id think very soon if they will be taking new packets in Jan, You will be ok,Yours is a shoe in ,Your good to go,well according to the rules.But you should be just fine! And thank You very much,I wish things were better that way also and I could have,But its just how it is and at least he got one and ,I feel I did the right thing anyway. Sure im not happy but thats life I guess.Ill try and put some money together and reward myself for my deed ,lol actually I already got the best reward a guy could get and thats seeing a happy WW-2 Vet with a WW-1 CMP pistol in his hands and the smiles that brought today, That reward is the very best! I do not feel so bad now actually.Im just very disappointed in the organization I have supported for many years .I have supported CMP Handsomely over the years and will continue to as I'm not going to punish kids and others they help by withholding support i send there way thru purchases and I also get some fine firearms too from them.
Stuff happens and things change. The Army is running this show and they have made several changes to this program along the way, and are certain to make more. They didnít consult with you, oh well. Get over it. If they see this nonsense they may cancel it.
Many years huh? Come to think of it, all the incoherent rambling and grammatical eye charts look familiar.