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Well, earlier posters described various issues with failed cases, which would indicate problems with the brass case itself; GGaskill stated he thought the reconditioned military brass could have been previously fired in MG's, and the brass excessively work-hardened during the resizing process. So, the failure to fit a case gage would just be a symptom of an altogether poor case reconditioning process. Taking all that together, no, simply re-sizing the brass wouldn't solve anything.

My plan is to pull the bullets and scrap the brass. I've thought about saving the powder but since I don't know exactly what it is, and the relatively small quantity involved... probably put it on the garden instead. We're talking 300 rounds, or about 2 lbs of powder... just not worth it if you ask me.

The bullets are supposed to be Nosler 168gr HPBT's, so at least that's a known variable.

I might still have some Black Hills .223 match ammo in reconditioned cases, and I used to shoot a lot of it, with zero issues. But I haven't bought any in years. Beyond that, I think I'm done with "factory-reloaded" ammo. I'm sure the stuff from reputable manufacturers like BHA is probably OK, but I guess it's all just starting to seem like false economy. I'm kind-of surprised the CMP hasn't stepped up regarding the Atomic ammo they sold, but, whatever.
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