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Originally Posted by GotSnlB28 View Post
I had called Atomic a couple years ago and talked to the owner. In a nutshell, he said the ammo had proper QC and was safe. He indicated that most of the issues reported (at that time) were with improperly built rifles. Also stated that once fired brass was a risk/reward proposition for the buyer and that ammo can go bad over time of which they don't have control. Basically gave me a variety of reasons and they weren't able to do anything about it of course.
I'm not real happy, have about ~800 rounds / 1000 that I bought to shoot in my Navy M1s. At this point it looks like they are only good for the bullets and I don't reload at this point in time so the boxes are expensive paperweights.
Joel, It seems like some folks have been successful in separating the good from the bad by inspecting the cartridges with a Sheridan case gage. It is necessary to check each cartridge more than once by re-orienting the cartridge a few times to get a conclusive reading with the gage. It is up to each individual as to whether they feel confident using the cartrdiges that gage within spec. The bad ones can be broken down using a bullet puller and you can sell the pulled bullets to a reloaded. I think they used 168 grain Sierra Match King bullets so they are popular with many reloaders. Good luck !!!
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