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Originally Posted by sapishka View Post
you said heavier ,I said thicker and internally dimensionally different ,I agree with your other statements ,no argument ,they actually make the point quite clearly ,NATO 7.62x51 abounds and is available from many countries as surplus ,not for 308 chambers due to headspace as you have pointed out .Again ,no argument ,I did not miss anything you had said ,however ,I do have my own information and thoughts to add to this ,which are correct .

Ok the specification for NATO on headspace is 1.634 -.006. Which means that anything from 1.628 to 1.634 is acceptable. So like I said Winchester, Federal, Lake City and the like normally headspace at 1.628. So does Radway, German and the like. They will work in 308 WIN chambers no problem whatsoever. Now occasionally you will get stuff like PPU or Indian ammo that headspaces at 1.633. In a tight 308 WIN chamber yes you will have issues.
On NATO brass the webbing is thicker due to intended use in full auto weapons. Hence they are heavier. Does that make a difference in semi auto or bolt guns, no. Its heavier due to intended use in weapons that headspace all the way up to 1.6445. It has to work once and that's all the military asks of it and go bang and be extracted. Can you use 308 WIN in NATO chamber? Yes of course, but brass life is very short.
Please add your info would love to see it if there is any difference to what I have posted.
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