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Originally Posted by sapishka View Post
well its like us guys with the NATO chambered Garands ,we have to measure the headspace right off upon receiving one of these fine Garands ,mine speced out as new. however a lot of guys have had to find bolts that brought the headspace to the GO spec to 1.635 which is the as new manufactured NATO SPEC chambering of these rifles ,Match grade type A and B rifles excluded as those readily spec out tighter chambers and can use 308 win cartridges with no headspace issues .your findings are correct as I see them on specs and what works and where ,so the differences are the headspacing you've covered ,the shooter just needs to be aware "if possible" which ammunition he or she is shooting in the rifle they are using is correct for it .theres the whole talk about the pressures to speak of which has been covered many times over ,and the cause of too many consternating arguments ,so not going there ,but looks solid here on the information provided .

Ok you missed it again, both 308 WIN and 7.62 NATO are the same period. The headspace specifications for the cartridges are SAMMI 1.627- 1.634, NATO 1.628-1.634. The only reason NATO went to the larger chamber was for battlefield reliability, (full auto weapons ,M14 M60, headspace does decrese under full auto fire) and the chambering issues with dirty weapons and ammunition. You can shoot 308 WIN in a NATO chamber no problem at all. If you reload tho only expect maybe 2 reloads out of it before it rips in half because of the lighter webbing, remember weight of brass or did we miss that also?
The US military spec for 7.62 NATO is 50,000 PSI, now SAMMI max for 308 WIN is 62,000 PSI. Now is any 308 WIN FMJ or Match ammo loaded to this spec, no. Oh and there is no machine gun ammo that has higher pressures, sorry its all M80 or M59 ball.
The only NATO round you might have to worry about for pressure is M118LR made prior to 2005 in air temps above 120 F as due to the powder and temps these became very powerful and damaged M14 in IRAQ.
So to all those people who thought they had to bring it out to headspace of 1.635, they were wrong. They didn't have to at all. If it headspaced at 1.633 they were fine for both 308 WIN and 7.62 NATO
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