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Originally Posted by normannewguy View Post
. . .The only NATO round you might have to worry about for pressure is M118LR made prior to 2005 in air temps above 120 F as due to the powder and temps these became very powerful and damaged M14 in IRAQ. . . .
I've heard that same thing more than once but cannot come up with any hard evidence to support it. The first Gulf War took place in 90/91 and the Iraq War in early 2003.The hot M118LR was only loaded from 1995 to 1999. It was intended only for bolt guns, particularly the M24 and M40 snipers. I doubt if the average GI with an M14 would have had access to it. By the time ATK took over operation of the LCAAP in 2001, the load had been reduced to what we have today.

One of the major reasons for reducing the load was, I believe, the considerable investment in sights, especially the USMC Unertls. They were developed based on the trajectory of the old M118 Match and the hot M118LR was an unacceptable mis-match.

But, I'm always willing to learn. And I've changed my opinion on a lot of things.


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