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Originally Posted by sapishka View Post
OK ,here we go ,even as far as I said I agreed with most all of what you posted...its not enough ,so lets ask the question " quote" BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME " UNQUOTE ok why then are you posting anything about headspace or chamber sizes or anything else whatsoever regarding these 2 cartridges ? why ? you keep stating they are exactly the same ,so if that's is true ,no need to give any other information or documentation or any other data ,you cannot have both ... you cannot have it both ways ,you say they are the exact same cartridges in every way ,I said the cases are indeed thicker internally ,but alas doesn't matter ,you said they are exactly the same end of story ,this is the trouble when you just want to be able to be part of a discussion and someone decides they do not want you to be ,here it is right now .I missed this I did not read that ....fine .

Read the machinist drawings of both cartridges if you know how to read blueprints. Externally they are the same they will both work in SAMMI and NATO chambers. If you have information that they are different please post it, so far I haven't seen anything refuting this other than I heard and gunshop stories. Its myths like this that scare people out of there wits going doing I need 308 WIN or 7.62 NATO. This was put here to stop that nonsense.

And I will wait for documents to prove me wrong, not I heard or I think

Oh on M118LR that was devopled in 1999 I believe and used an equvilent of RE15 for its charge but was found to be to temp sensitive in Iraq and was changed to IMR4064 for charge
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