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Originally Posted by NuJudge View Post
I updated My Mac Operating system and Java, and now I get an error message telling me to reinstall the old version of Java. The error message sends me to a page which is supposed to allow me to reinstall the old version, and there is no link to do that.

What do I do?
What Mac OS are you using? What version of Java did you install? Is it Apple provided (Mac) or Oracle or something else?

I had one guy, years ago, install a beta version of a third party Java 8 port for the Mac on their Mac which broke NM Collector Software on their Mac. He withheld from me that he ad installed a beta version of a Java port and proceeded to publicly bad mouth me and my software over it. Later on he admitted that he had installed a beta version of a Java port but still tried to say that my software would not work with the latest version of Java on Macs and that he was only trying to help me identify flaws in my software. I used to think the customer was always right until I encountered this character. Thank you for not doing that! I'm sure we can work through this.

Here is a link to a Java page that might help -

I will not be able to respond again until tomorrow evening so please be patient with me.

BTW, I'm running Java 1.8.0_25 (Java 8) on my Windows system and NM Collector is working fine with that so i don't think there are any issues if Java is operating correctly.

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