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Default South Store Report 9-19-2012

Store hasn't changed much since lennnorment posted for Saturday morning. Probably 10 of us in line. Leon let us in at 0745 hours. There was a first time buyer, got him hooked up with Leon. Again, the attention was on the service grade Springfields. There is 1/2 of a rack of them, 2 high, against the wall. There was another 1/2 rack on the floor just in front of them. None that I could tell had USGI wood except one in birch. Lots with NM parts and barrels, but still just one or two to a rifle. I found none to my liking, but many were taken to the counter for purchase.

I then went through the field grades. One whole row and then 2/3rd of another row. Lots of GI wood and some with good ME and TE. I seen a lot of 6 digit, and I'm talking ones starting with 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 or 9. ME and TE on average was 2 and 4/5 as far as was on the tags. But if you measured, (I have a stone ax gauge) seem to be a little better. A few were 1 ME and 3/4 TE.

No HRA service grades, and I didn't look at the field grades. I had to leave and get back for work, so I didn't look at anything else in the store.


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