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Default South Store Report 11/16/017 New Stock

There were 18 customers and additional customers shortly after opening. These customers were buyers not lookers. All my numbers are after the opening rush.

1903a3 SG, Remington 10, 650.00 all sold within 15 minutes of opening. Rated very nice to a few in serviceable condition but rough. Several were exceptional nice. TE and MEs on all the rifles were 0.5 to 2. Believe all had 43 barrels

HRA SG 2, 730.00

SA SG 2, 730.00

SA FG, 10, 630.00. Helped a customer find a nice 1943 rifle with 44 barrel and stock cartouche, nice rifle for new customer.

SA SG 6 million, 8, 1200

IHC SG, 5, 1060.00


Correct WWII, 4, 3000.00

Collector post war, HRA and 2 SA, 2000.00

CMP Special, .308, 4, 1030.00

M1D WRA SG 1, FG 3

M1C SA 3

Drill M1, 2

Few slings in box but staff was working on preparing more for sale.

Only display bayonet.

Good luck on your searches
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