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Originally Posted by Srgt. Hulka View Post
I agree Reconinforce. I am one of the lucky ones that got a rifle. If they were all sold in the stores like last release, I would have had zero chance of receiving one. Everybody in the country had an equal opportunity to receive one of these rifles on this release...everyone. Luck of the draw. Thank you CPM for making me an equal opportunity M1 Carbine buyer. You handled the sale just fine.
As someone who did not receive one all I can say is... I could not agree more!

Even if my chance was only 2 out of 10 to get one, at least I had a chance! I really appreciate them going through the headache and pain to at least give us a collective shot.

Yes it has been 3 months with without word, but that is part of the CMP game. Looking back at my records I see I waited over 3 months for a DBU on my first Garand order in '09. That gap had nothing to do with any single release event like this, but rather the political climate at the time. However it proves a simple point....When they get way more orders than they can handle they get backlogged and there are long delays with little to no communications. This is just the reality of them running a "Sanford and Sons" small shop as Mark put it.

In short the CMP is not a classical mail order "store" and based on the ebb and flow of orders their response times change over time. Remember selling rifles is not even the sole function of the CMP - it is just one way they use to generate revenue to fund their primary mission of education and the promotion of shooting sports. However the HUGE benefit here is the chance to buy genuine USGI surplus weapons at well below street price. If you don't like and/or agree with the timeline and communication dynamics then you are free to purchase items via more traditional and predictable channels (LGS or GB) and pay more. Each has their pro's and cons and it is up to the buyer to understand and accept the conditions and variables that best fit their needs.

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Thanks again CMP for giving me a shot. I really hope the you understand that many of us in the silent majority understand the dynamics and pressures you go through to provide us these opportunities. Please don't let the negativity put you off from extending future offerings.

"Use enough gun" - Robert Ruark

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