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Everyone was told how many carbines there were in the beginning,Then we were told how many orders were received the first day,Orders were cut off early in the afternoon the first day,Some 8,000 plus orders,Cmp had no way of knowing there would be a response like this,nor did anyone else

Once they realised the response was overwhelming they posted sold out on the carbines web page early the first day of the sale,from then on they had no idea who was going to get a carbine and who was not just like all the rest of us who sent in paperwork,So how was Cmp going to notify anyone they were going to get one or not? It takes time to go thru that many carbines process the orders and ship them out,Carbines is not the only thing they have going on down there,Simple Math would tell most of us we were not going to make the cut 10,000 orders and 2,000 carbines,lets see a 20% chance of getting one

While I still held out hope of getting my carbine ordered,I realised chances were very slim ,I then saw the Cmp Custom shop was reopening and I waited till the clock struck 7 am and sent my order in there to have one of my my carbines I had here at the house already completely professionally redone there New Barrel ,stock ,Gauged completely refinished,test fired for real world accuracy etc,I think the cost is coming in right at about what id have spent for that carbine i had hoped to get in the lottery,So instead of sitting around complaining and griping about Cmp,and wheres my carbine,how come no ones talking to me,Why has Mark Johnson not dropped everything he is doing down there and personally addressed my concerns as of course there more important than anything he could possibly be doing down there to benefit us all now and in the future

I took action instead and will be getting a very nice M1 Carbine out of the Deal a brand new one from the Custom shop made out of a imported one i bought 30 years ago that was in rough shape and would no longer headspace,Mr Johnson is a very busy man obviously and may not have time to address all the questions thousands of people ask on here daily that they feel need attention right away.Or he also may not know the answers to the questions you ask.

While I wish I had made the cut apparently like 8,000 others out of the 10,000 I did not ,But instead of complaining every day about it on the forum,I looked at other options that were available and got my old beat up carbine into the CMP Custom shop,s first 15 orders and am still awaiting for it to be finished and returned,I think I will be thrilled and for the same money ill have a top notch great shooting good looking carbine,I have dealt with the CMP many years now and they have been nothing but more than fair and honest in any dealings I ever had with them esp if there was a problem they went above and beyond the call to make things right,So give them a break,They did the best they could with what they had to work with. They all do an outstanding job for us at the CMP so lets show them some well deserved respect and appreciation,Rather than gripe and complain on here like a bunch of spoiled brats.