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Default M14 Receivers-New, Old Kid on the Block

I've been sitting around here working every day since I left the last project for Gunworks, but my heart and head really isn't in this day to day commercial stuff anymore.

While it is very interesting and I get to handle and see weapons of every make and model, it isn't the M14, day in and day out, which is what I prefer.

Working for a chain of a dozen pawn shops in four states does have it's perks though, except I seem to spend all the money I make or trade my work for guns.

To solve my dilemma, and to that end, I got to thinking, (dangerous, I know), that I do know and am friends with one of the brightest and smartest engineers on the planet. So I decided to give him a call and see if he wanted to help me do something.

My problem is, that I need to know if there is enough interest in me making receivers again, to warrant spending all of my hard earned cash for the last, well, all of my life ? One of the hardest things in business is knowing your customer base and sales projections over a certain period.

I know from talking to Mark Hartman when we were discussing buying 7.62mm Firearms dies from Bula and getting them to make receivers for Rockola, that he was lucky enough to sell 300 receivers in a very short time, approximately 62 days. That helps a lot with start-up cost.

I was also lucky enough to win all the tooling in the auction when Gunworks sold off all their assets too, so that should help. Well, not all, I got two of the three sets they had.

So what say the masses ? Is it worth my effort to produce another receiver, the same quality as the previous ones ? Except no mistakes this time like tight mag wells, or too wide legs. This time I will be in complete control and can assure you all, I have found every mistake possible in the last six years, so they won't be made again. Also thinking of sticking with nitride finish because it is very nice and actually more simple, as it is all done during receiver heat treating. Then they are magnafluxed, inspected, and boxed for shipping.

It might also interest you to know that my esteemed teammate in this venture will be none other than Art Neergard of Shooting Sight. We have already finished the model and had it 3D printed to proof it. The first one is a 1/3 scale of actual size and is the cutest little desktop conversation piece you ever saw. I actually thought of having some made to sell as key chains, but the process is rather expensive to be making toys. Nothing cooler than a 1/6 size M14 receiver key chain with a full auto lug on it.

My other cohert in this operation would be Tony Geeck. His intellect in matters of computers, sales, marketing, technology, and general all around savvy is it helps that his brother Joe will be the company c.p.a.

All of these guys have put a bunch of sweat equity in this project, for a long time now, so if the interest is there, let us know so I can make a decision.

I also sent word to Jeff Miller (Bula's man in charge of the M14 project) via Tony, that I may need some help getting it off the ground with raw forgings.
Being the gentleman he is, Jeff said he would look at working us up some pricing. What a guy !

Bula is a big operation and a small outfit like mine doesn't pose a threat or immediate competition. They are a production facility, and get paid no matter who they make parts for. Thank goodness that Jeff is smart enough to recognize that. He and I are all about the same thing. Making sure that everyone in America has an M14, made in America !.....or six.

Best regards to
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