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I was at the TMP last Wednesday 7/31 and didn't see any SG M1D's on the racks. Plenty of RG Winchester M1D's, around a dozen, with the best barrel reading being 5+/3+,, a few M1C's and 11 IHC FG and SG's. I ended up snagging a SG IHC/LMR LEAD rebuild in GI wood. Eight of them had hackberry or CMP walnut with only a FG and SG having GI wood when I left at 5pm Wednesday after my purchase. I didn't see any Springfield/HRA FG/SG's or 1903's but the wall behind the counter was full of various 30-06 and .308 CMP specials. The employees handling my paperwork said they weren't sure of the next restock date and the last major one had been around the D-Day matches. Hope this helps.
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