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The vast majority of American troops had returned from Europe to the US by fall of 1919, only a year after the Armistice.

My grandfather was in the last US Army Medical unit to return from Europe, and I have their mustering out photo taken in New Jersey in August 1919. He had served with the American 1st Army and then was transferred in November 1918 (with most of the 1st Army) to the Army of Occupation, or what became the US 3rd Army. Even today the patch of the 3rd Army is a white "A" inside a red "O" on a blue field. The A and O stand for "Army of Occupation".

There certainly were US Army units remaining in Europe for some years afterward, including Archangel, Russia.

Regarding the rifles used by the US Army in WW I, there is a book titled "Making the Kaiser Dance" which was written in the 1970's and it included many interviews with WW I veterans then still living. In it one old soldier talks about two different rifles which he refers to as "Springfields" and "Remingtons", meaning the 1903 and the 1917 models.

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