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The Archangel based Michigan troops had the Polar Bear as their unit emblem and it was painted on their Helmets.

They were stationed in Russia to keep Allied supplies which were stockpiled at Archangel from falling into Red Army hands. As such, they had plenty of Remington made Mosin Nagants and ammunition for them available.

Remington-made Mosin Nagants were actually designated as supplemental US weapons during WW I after Russia defaulted on the contract for them, and the US government bought them from Remington. Many were used in the US for training purposes.

A bit more history; a number of US soldiers were killed, wounded, and captured by the Russian Red Army in several clashes, and a number of American civilians in Russia were also arrested and held as prisoners. In the early 1920's when a major famine hit Russia, the US was asked to provide food and supplies. President Harding said that he would consider it AFTER the Russians released all Americans being held prisoner. Surprisingly and in response, the Russians released several hundred Americans. Unfortunately no American servicemen were among them, but it was learned from returned Americans that some soldiers had been held for a long time after capture.

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