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Default $200 Dupage dril rifle arrived - how'd I do?

It is fun as long as you are not rushing. I ate lunch and was curious how much of a PITA the barrel was going to be. This one came right off with ease but there was no rust in the barrel threads.

I’ll come back to both of my receivers and recheck the welds and touch anything up then I need to clean the parts well and figure out what I lack to rebuild them or even how I plan to build. Quite a few very rusty parts so might be smart for me to just replace the worst of them.

One will become a 1903A4 clone, the other I really don’t know and I may just put it in the safe as a receiver and parts until I come up with a plan. I bought two figuring I would use the better one but really my ugly welded one looks darn near as good as my barely welded one.

I wish I was skilled enough to build one of the 22 conversions!

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