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Originally Posted by JDGaynor View Post
Although it has often been reported that Lyman Manufactured the Korean War "Redfield Jr." scope bases. I have never seen any convincing evidence that this is the case. I think probably what really happened is that Redfield manufactured the the bases for Lyman who then in turn packaged them in G.I. plain brown envelopes.

Why would Lyman go to the trouble of tooling up to make a product that was not already in its commercial line up just to fill a fairly small government order?

None of the Korean War bases is marked (unlike all the ww 2 bases). JMHO
Jim!!! We have missed you! We have wondered where you have been.

I sort of looked back to see if I had any info on this. All I can find is they first start to talk about the M84 rings for the A4 in May 1951. They mention Lyman in one document, but it seems to be more a generic term on describing what scope they fit, more so than the maker. For example they mention also "weaver" rings.

At this time, they had just ordered the Lyman Alaskan scopes, what we believe are the B serial range.

So they seem to have nicknamed the rings, at least in the one doc.

I see several mentions of the M84 rings from May 1951 to about May 1952.

I hope you start getting back on some more. I sure miss your posts on the 03A4.

BTW, as far as the M84's go, it looks like the first shipments were July 1951.
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