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Default SPF* Lead Dip 6 digit, 1942 SA SG, with uncut -9, original barrel, and lockbars.

Springfield Service Grade 6 digit rifle from October 1942. This rifle has been through at least one rebuild but likely before the 1950s production ramped up. From what I can tell all parts are WWII vintage but a parts mix of that vintage. Here are some stats...

Lead Dipped receiver heel.

Barrel, 10-42 ME1 TE0 1.5 Using my Brownells gauge. Strong minty bore.

lock-bar sights (Not sure what variant.. type 1..2.. ?) They are squared off.

OP-Rod Un-Cut SA -9

Bolt -12 s-o6 <>

Wood, nice matching walnut, minor dings and scrapes. I'm pretty sure it is WWII issue but can find no evidence of cartouches on the side of the stock.

This rifle would be an excellent start for correction. Asking $1300 shipped to your FFL only. Money order preferred but will accept Paypal for price of $1350 shipped to your FFL. Please no trade offers. *SPF*

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