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What better way to celebrate "Merca than working on stocks?

I finished sanding the 4 pins in the 1903A3 stock. I used a dremel with sanding drum to get the brass down to the wood, then finished with sandpaper on a block. Hint: as you get closer with the dremel, turn the speed down so it goes slower.

I found a small chip in the heel so I decided to try superglue. I filled the depression with superglue, placed a pinch of dust on it and pressed, then sprayed accelerator. I sanded immediately with a block, found a few low spots so I repeated. Total was about 10 minutes to repair it,

I then sanded the stock with a pad sander and 150 grit paper. I had already sanded the stock, this step was to get it all matching as my sanding on the pins and gouges had resulted in some smoother areas.
Here is the result after a wipe down with a cloth.

Now I have started on the stain. This is USSR stain, available here:
Consider supporting your fellow hobbiest forum members. Just saying.

It's easy to apply (a folded square of paper towel). Middle looks a bit dark in the picture, and the front of course has no stain. The cartouches popped out nicely. I took no special precautions, I just avoided them during most work and carefully sanded around them, and a few passes over them with the pad sander.
To get the color to match just keep rubbing, adding a drop of stain when needed. I buffed with a cloth when done; I'll check tomorrow and touch up if needed, and start the oiling.

Happy Independence Day.
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