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Here are some from the 1st batch; I'm calling these done.
2- 10 top to bottom

2 is the winner in this group; barely used, crisp DAS stamp. It was cracked in half through the left magwell; an easy and solid repair. Almost impossible to see on the outside.
5 is interesting; very smooth with a spliced heel and some filled slices on the bottom. Lots of character.

6-9 top to bottom

6 and 9 have Dane markings, 9 has the custom soldier-made "checkering" on the pistol grip.

10-13 top to bottom

11 is a nice birch stock. 12 is foreign, very dense and heavy; would be an excellent stock to bed. It's not soaking up oil. 13 is a nice dirty (that's all woodgrain, not actual dirt) birch. I tried to darken it with stain, no real effect. It's starting to grow on me.
Look for these on the for sale forum soon.
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