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Default The type 5 and 6 both will work on an M1 carbine

The 6 has a cam on the outside that operates the full automatic feature on the M2. If the M2 parts are not there, it just works like any other slide. The slide stop pin is easy to remove, it just pushes out from the bottom leaving the spring behind inside. If there is a lot of grease or dirt inside the slide where these parts reside, it can limit the downward movement and thus the function of the part. The stop pin could also be worn at the bottom or the receiver recess could be worn to the point that these parts don't hold. Simply cleaning the parts and hole in the slide and reassembling the stop with any wear facing the rear of the carbine should fix this issue. The whole slide stop/receiver paring is a wonderfully simple and effective design. But one stupid GI who simply always just hits the back of the slide like you would do with the Garand, instead of pulling it slightly to the rear like it was designed, can put a lot of wear on those parts in a short time.
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