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Default Last Available 192 Rnd Clipped HXP

I was just checking the ammo sale page, and stopped on this:

ITEM #DESCRIPTIONPRICE4C3006X215-192PM2 Ball Greek HXP (Pyrkal) manufacture,
Packaged in 8 rd enbloc clips, 6 clips per bandoleer, 4 bandoleers per can.
Total 192 rds in a .30 cal can.
Boxer primed, non-corrosive. Headstamp varies HXP62-HXP80. Weight is 15 lbs per can. THIS AMMO ATTRACTS A MAGNET.

SOLD OUT - 12-22-2011
S&H $11.95 per can
S&H to Alaska or Hawaii $16.95 per can

That sounded like more than what they were charging for it back then, so I went to my overflowing - CMP Order folder, and pulled my last invoice for two cans of it, on 09/10/11. Sure enough, I paid 96.00 per can and 8.95 shipping ea can, which is what I thought I remembered it selling for. They were already selling the loose cans, same as today, 200 rnds for $98. And I couldn't believe guys were posting that they'd much rather buy the loose, dirty mixed ammo without clips, cause for $2 more, they got 8 extra grimey rounds. I don't think durring the three months from my last order, till it eventually sold out, in December, they increased the price to that level? I wonder if they're now putting a new higher price on the sales page, for the clipped ammo, to get us use to paying, as Orest said, for the value of the clips, when the last cans go up for sales. Anyone thoughts on this, or can anyone confirm that at the tail end in December, 2011, the price had been raised to $125 per can?
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