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Originally Posted by deputy85 View Post
i have spam cans i bought at 48.95 a can,, People basically begged Orest TO RAISE THE PRICE, TO MAKE IT LAST LONGER AND TO THWART THE EVIL MASS BUYER AND RESELLER, gotta hand it to Orest he listens to the customers charges more and gets praised for it,, heck i hope the clipped goes to 200$ a acan it will sell and the cries of not fair would be fun to hear
DP85, got me digging in my files.

Found an Oct '05 receipt for a 480 round case of HXP in Garand Clips--Item 415C. Went for $110 plus $19 shipping, for $129 for two spam cans of HXP62, in bandos and USGI clips. Figuring 50 cents a clip, the 480 rounds went for $99 delivered, or under 21 cents a round. These were "tall" spam cans, with 5 bandos per can. One of the earliest options on HXP to sell out, IIRC. This was also the time when everybody turned their nose down at the "dirty Greek" ammo, preferring the Talon-delinked LC Ball M2.

I suppose if it came on sale at that price again I would buy some more, but to be honest I bought all I needed back then when the prices were good. More for you guys now.
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