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Originally Posted by Johnny Conroe View Post
Besides the two service grade four digits that just sold, when was the last time CMP offered a decent service grade four digit? I've scanned through all of the completed auctions available and it seems they only offered 2-5 field grade four digits at least since May 2014.

Makes me think this really is the last of what they have...
You're right, they don't come up very often, but they aren't commonly seen either. I don't think there is any rhyme or reason to the order the auction folks put things up for sale right now. At one point they were putting up a series of carbines from the same manufacturer each week but that was a long time ago. The auction stockpile is likely winding down that's why there are only a couple carbines per week put up. In any case $4900 is pretty steep for that rifle, good for CMP programs, I'm an observer at those prices.
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