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Default My first Garand

I received my first Garand today, an IHC SG, #50191xx, so I'm assuming 1954. It arrived in a generic (but reasonable quality) black Flambeau case. Missing enbloc clip and manual [Edit: Thanks, T38 = they were hiding under the foam just as you said].

My son and I are going to learn together how to take her apart, clean, and re-assemble. Some day this will be his. BTW, is this the correct grease that people are recommending?

I'm very happy - I'll ask CMP about the clip and manual but I'm not stressed about it.

I'm not complaining, just observing, but here are my external inspection notes. Understand that I know my way around military rifles but am a 100% "compleat" Garand newbie.

Quality Control:
- Front sight installed a bit right of center, and the rear was fully left. I'm hoping that's not its zero!!!

Receiver: Looks understandably worn for a 65yo rifle (edges are shiny). I don't see much pitting.

Barrel: SA-1-52. I'm assuming bbl was added at CMP - it's listed on the tag. Worn shiny around the crown, but looks less worn overall than the receiver.

New/refinished/refurb parts:
- Stock is CMP new. A small imperfection in the front handguard caught my eye. I don't think it's concerning. I plan to do some refinishing with my son over the summer. We'll probably start by practicing with my 30ish yo Remington 870.
- Along with that, the bands, front and rear sling hardware, and butt plate look either new or at least re-parked.
- Front sight has a nick on one wing and looks as if it was re-parked afterwards (no shiny edges on the nick). I didn't see any stamps on it.
- Rear sight is DRC.

- For all the worries I'd heard of sand and grit in current rifles, I don't see a ton. It wouldn't pass Saturday morning inspection, but again, it's coming up on 2/3 of a century.
- Buildup of grease and gunk on either side of rear sight.
- Looks like it's a bit dirty down in the well and into the hammer area.
- Chamber looks pretty clean at first glance - just grease buildup around the feed ramps, maybe dirtied a bit by the test firings.
- Sawdust inside the butt plate door, which makes sense with a new stock.

- Trigger group is well-worn and shiny. It feels tight and crisp.
- Dang, these are pretty rifles!

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