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Originally Posted by GM1MAN View Post
Sorry to bother you and the other Moderators. But, I received 2 PM's early this morning titled with what appears to be Vietnamese addressed to me.
The sender is: dothotruongyen, I can not find him/her in membership roster. My concern is that the title of the PM's was not in English.
I know you are busy as your PM box is full. I have not opened the PM's and have not deleted them as of yet.

As always, thanks in advance.
Regards, Mike
Originally Posted by rob30-06 View Post
Ditto for me as well. He actually sent me two. I reported it and then deleted.

Yes, y'all were one of many who reported them, or emailed/PM'd me. Which is why my inbox was full!
Thank you and no bother at mentioned in the thread in Ask Each Other, I have removed two different users for the spam PMs, dothotruongyen and chayngaydisontungmp3 (along with 4 associated usernames).

Once a user has requested access and completes the automated portion of the process to confirm email address, they are able to send PMs (but not post). Simce they are not yet approved, its why you can't look them up.

As mentioned before, do not click on or open ANY hyperlinks within these PMs, just as you shouldn't in any spam emails received.

As Rob mentions, good policy just to delete them.

Many thanks for taking the time to let us know,
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