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I have a Remington Service Manual for the 513T circa 1963. (Seven pages of text (!).)

Also have US Army Technical Manual TM 9-1005-206-14P/4, Operator, Organizational And Field Maintenance Repair Parts and Equipment for Commercial Rifles

Neither is especially helpful. Combined they might be of some help. The Remington SM is mostly text, the USA TM is lists of parts and drawings. The TM has a great exploded view of the receiver and trigger group.

I'd be happy to send you a .pdf of the Remington Service Manual. The TM you should be able to find on line, but I should also send you a pdf of the two pages covering the trigger group.

From the Remington SM:

Trigger Cushion Spring (Part 491)
Unscrew the trigger cushion spring screw and remove the trigger cushion spring assembly

Trigger Cushion Spring Housing (Part 124)
Loosen trigger cushion spring housing lock nut and unscrew the trigger cushion spring assembly from the receiver.
Unscrew trigger cushion spring retaining screw and remove trigger cushion spring and trigger cushion spring plunger from trigger cushion spring housing.

Unscrew safety screw located on the right side of the receiver and lift off safety lever.
Push safety into receiver from hole in right side of receiver and remove through rear of receiver.

Remove ejector screw from left side of receiver.
Remove sear pivot screw from left side of receiver, directly back od ejector screw.
Slide receiver insert, rear forward in receiver and remove ejector.

Trigger Assembly
Drive out trigger pin.
Push trigger assembly upward in receiver, feeding sear downward from receiver into magazine opening directly forward of trigger opening.
Grasp sear and pull trigger assembly from magazine opening.

Trigger Spg. Plunger
Remove trigger spring plunger and trigger spring from hole in top of trigger.

Magazine Lock
Unscrew magazine lock screws from bottom of receiver insert, and remove magazine lock.

Receiver insert, rear
Slide insert from receiver through rear end.

[Reassembly is not quite the reverse. The Remington SM has some tips and techniques. I'll be happy to send you a pdf. But disassembly will get you started...]
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