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I have seen a number of Rem bolt action 500 series with that problem and from my experience with them the problem seems to originate with a slightly bent ejector. The ejector is screwed in place besides the rear receiver block and the bolt rides over it when the bolt is moved rearward, so if the ejector happens to get a little bent to the left, as the bolt rides over it the ejector can then miss the rim of the fired cartridge and it will not eject and some shooters then think the answer is to slam the bolt back harder and then after a lot of slamming the tip of the sear eventually breaks off allowing the bolt then to fall out without holding the trigger down. I have seen a bunch of these rifles like that over the years and have replaced a lot of sear assemblies. Be careful how you replace it as sometimes when you get a new one from Sarco, it has not been ground down to fit the rifle and will therefore require some fitting. It is not terribly difficult but does require some attention to detail. If you get a used sear that is good, then you should be good to go. I have even seen parts that came from this supplier that had the tip broken off and obviously did not work. Good luck. Don't get rid of the 513 as they are some of the best rifles for the money and in my opinion certainly worth repairing.
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