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Originally Posted by Ronwall View Post
^^ ^^ By doing what Shomway suggests I've found broken and out of spec op rod springs, op rods that had worn out tabs, modified safeties, frozen followers, incorrectly headspaced bolts and bolts that had so much crap inside of them that I have no idea how they would have worked correctly and that to say nothing about all the rust, dirt, grease and grime that I've cleaned out of Garands. Shomway is also right about the bolt disassembly/assembly tool. It's well worth the $50 as it takes about 15 seconds to disassemble or assemble a bolt with one and no springs flying across room.
My record, before I bought the bolt tool, was Pinging the spring off two walls and the ceiling, with the spring lost forever in the carpet!

All the best.

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