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Although later, I bought a 1938 Model 70 in 1981 that looked much like these two. A Captain at Ft. Benning had someone bed it in Bisonite from the rear of the reciever all the way to the front of the stock. The barrel was set deeper than the widest part and was mechanically locked in. A 220 pound SSG was standing on a bench trying to pull the barrel and action out of the stock.

I didn't know anything about pre-war, but I saw the clip slots. I asked them to stop trying to pry it apart and bought it for $250. Took it to Hook and he turned it into an across the course target rifle. I left the original (bedded) stock and barrel with Hook.

During my time in Hook's shop, a handful of old shooting buddies of his came by and sold him pre-64 Model 70 target rifles for $250-300. The good ol' days.

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