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I really didn't think I would get one of these, I sent in the application and never heard anything back, until now ..

Got a call from Ali @ CMP on 1/24/20 .... need updated FFL. Also had a choice of FG or Service Grade. Picked Service grade. Credit card charged on 1/28.

Shipped 2/5 but I did not get a notification via e-mail.
Received 2/11

From the paperwork, I think my RNG is 11448 ?
Service Grade

Parkerized finish with no wear.
Frame is marked FJA on left side, between slide stop catch and magazine catch = Ithaca
M1911A1 U.S.ARMY
Rebuild mark: A281
Slide is Remington Rand

Barrel Hood is marked:
Some other marks on frame to research.

I am well pleased! Thanks CMP!!!

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