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The following is also in the Ask Each Other forum but does not have the pix:

There are two other things you can do for a better and lighter trigger pull. One is switch springs until you get one that will reset the first stage when you let go of it but little more. That reset is a safety factor so do not use a spring that will not reset properly. If you want to use the rifle in CMP as-issued matches, the rules require that the trigger lift a minimum of 3.5 pounds.

The other thing you can do requires modification of the sear beyond smoothing surfaces. The goal is to reduce the engagement of the second stage to a minimum so that only a little additional motion into the second stage releases the firing pin. This can be done using a medium India stone and lots of reassembly and testing. It can be overdone such that you will need to buy a new sear but they are readily available and not very expensive. When I did this on some of my rifles, I bought extra sears first and did the modifications on them, so I had the originals as backups.

The stone is a Brownells' (actually a Norton, I think) 1/2 square x 6 medium India stone. Use some light oil to prevent the swarf from filling up the stone. Put most of the pressure over the sear end; you will take a little off over the pin holes but not enough to matter. You will need to trial fit the sear frequently or you will go too far. Don't make it unsafe; if you blow the first one, buy a replacement and try again.

Before and after. Actually the after went too far but it shows the results of the process. The sear top is wider because it is lower down the angle.

On an M1917, you have to stone the sear sort of diagonally because of the spring guide. Same basic idea, though.

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