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It seems to me that so long as a)USGI parts are used b) function is not altered (think of stoning until the first stage is gone) c)trigger pull meets or exceeds the stated minimum and d) no other parts like shims or screws are added then the rifle would meet the requirements of 6.3.1. The documet in the OP shows that the military understood that the manufacturing tolerances of the parts involved could produce noticably different results at the trigger and encouraged the careful assembly of parts and smoothing to get the desired feel.

My experience at the Western Games in 2011 was pretty straight forward. The guy grabbed my rifle and looked at it just long enough to determine that it wasn't an M1, lifted the weight, put a sticker on it, and handed it back to me. I'd guess that an in-depth inspection would still only visually confirm that a USGI design trigger group was in place. just my 2 cents.
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