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Default coolhandluke - Feedback Thread

Like everyone else, I have lost my feedback history. Please post your buying, selling, and trading experiences with me in this thread. Prior to iTrader being removed I had a 100% feedback rating and had completed some of the following transactions with fellow members:

Kansas Poster (sold M1 helmet liner)
Davids4041 (traded M1907 sling)
A7Dave (sold 1903 parts)
cscmc1 (purchased jungle jacket)
petro (purchased Norwegian M4 bayonet)
Scott C. (purchased M1 Carbine stock set)
springfield3 (purchased SC 03A3 parts)
TexasLobo (sold Greek field jacket, traded No 4 MK II)
camljr59 (sold M1 Garand buttplate)
RedSpecial (sold M1943 jacket and M1 helmet with net)
Paul-in-PA (sold M3 shoulder holster)
n8huckins (sold HRA 1/2" DAS stock set)
thebearpack (purchased Yugo SKS sling)
jimdvan (sold M1912 NCO belt with .45 pouch and M1936 belt with carbine pouch)
Sparks (sold IP carbine handguard)
NLyles (sold East German web gear)
jb62 (sold M1956 mag pouch)
Jake (sold M1950 weapons case)
IL_Collector (sold M1 helmet chin straps)
USAFAP (sold British P1907 bayonet and Mitchell helmet cover)
Troop10 (traded SA 1/2" DAS stock set)
KRAG-30-40 (sold .40-82 brass)
General Nick (sold Remington 870 Police forend)
jimthompson502002 (purchased M1907 sling)
pro-nra (sold 1903 parts)

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