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I have observed that the US Military 03A3 stock bolts are touched up with black paint after installation (at which time they are staked). This is done to cover the bright metal and wood damage exposed from staking them. You can usually get the nut off with a properly modified screwdriver. Leave the nut partially on (initially) if you are going to try driving the bolt out. Driving the bolt out will often take a piece of the wood with it. All in all, I suggest that you do any rust removal and cosmetic touch up without removing them. It isn't worth the effort and potential damage. I do recommend tightening the nut, if possible, as they are loose on virtually every commercial buttstock and some of the military stocks from the wood shrinking. The commercial stocks are far worse and if the bolts can be easily removed, you will often find the holes oversized and the bolts worse than useless for their intended purpose. Filling the holes with J&B and resetting the bolts before the J&B hardens will salvage a poor job from the factory. Good Shooting. ...

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