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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hi All,

I had missed a nice 03 / 03A3 scant stock here on the board, but with a little looking. I discovered that Gun Parts had NOS scant stocks in both new & slightly damaged shape.
I opted for the slightly damaged, it's in NICE NEW shape for the money. It has nice grain & a very small chip at the muzzle on one side, which I can repair.

They did state that the cross bolts in the stock will have some rust. it was minor in my case. I will need to grind up a screw driver to fit the screw head on the nut.
The QUESTION at last.
I want to know if the screws are peened like some screws are fitted, so they can't come loose in the field. I did apply some penetrating oil to make it break free.
It looks like a straight forward job, to just remove them. Is there anything else I should know about before I try to remove them?
A quick wire brush job & fine steel wool to remove the rust & then some
Brownell's Blueing & some oil to finish the job

Thanks for any insight,
Can you post a picture of the stock?
I have wondered how those look
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