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Hi Kansasbobcat,

Your damage is much worse then what the ad states.
Please give them a call. I'm sorry your stock does not measure up. The white foam sleeve over the stock suggest, the picker never looked at the TRUE condition your stock was in.
As I mentioned in the other post, I have returned a few items to GUN Parts over the years & did receive a better replacement.

Good Luck, broom
See below. There were also # of good reviews on it.

This is an unissued, non-finger groove walnut stock that has been cracked or chipped during handling and transit. Stock may also contain some water stains from damp storage. The damage is mainly in the tip area, which the front band will cover, and/or the butt area, which can be repaired. A light sanding and new stain finish will go a long way with this stock. Stock is unmarked and includes reinforcing nuts and bolts. Other metal hardware is not included. Sold as is.
Note: Color of finish may vary, and the reinforcing bolts may be rusted
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